Tire pressure ranges Definitely, the tire pressure is the most important criteria to choose the best pump for your bike. Every experienced owner of bike knows that any issue on the road makes the tire soft and thus vulnerable. Remember that every kind of bike – mountain, road or hybrid – has its own tire […]

How Do Bike Pumps Work

Bicycles’ peculiarities Bicycling is one of the people’s favorite kind of sports. It is a wonderful way to keep fit, travel, save money and have fun. Different styles of bicycles appear on the market every year. They are bought for various usage and purposes today. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. We categorize […]
CO2 inflators – the most popular mini bike pump  Every cyclist should try CO2 inflators. They are the most comfortable hand pumps for all types of bikes. They are lightweight because of the material. Usually, it’s steel like in CPRO2 Trigger with a plastic tube or aluminum used for Lezyne Control Drive CO2 inflator. If […]


Hey there! How many reviews of bikes can you find on the Internet? We can find a great variety of them for each taste and purchase.

If you like adrenaline pressure you should try mountain bikes for extremal tracks and riders. You can be also called as MTB rider.

Do you prefer to be modern and а star of every show? For that, you can try to use BMX. For BMX riding is needed to learn a lot of tricks. Tricking and jumping with bikes are really very attractive, but they can be very dangerous for your life.

If you do not like all that cabaret, but enjoy activities and sports lifestyle buy a usual urban bike which also called as a road bike.